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Strategy Development Framework

This multi-step process is aimed to set you up for success by developing a comprehensive roadmap for continually strengthening multi-channel strategy for lifecycle marketing.

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1. Digital Marketing Maturity Assessment

All stakeholders complete a custom-designed, 75 question digital marketing maturity assessment to establish areas the organization is excelling and areas with opportunities for growth. Results are weighted and tabulated providing an output that includes qualitative feedback to help determine ways in which the organization could improve. The assessment is broken into 8 disciplines:

  1. Web/Mobile

  2. Email, SMS & Mobile Push

  3. Digital Advertising

  4. CRM & Sales Tools

  5. Social

  6. Privacy and Data Management

  7. Reporting and Analysis

  8. Organization & Operations

Strategy Development Framework: Welcome

2. Discovery

Through the discovery workshop all stakeholders align on business objectives, challenges, understand data sources, types and existing programs. This process allows all team members to level-set and create a common starting point for areas of focus into the future. All information uncovered through the discovery process is documented and provided to all stakeholders.

Strategy Development Framework: Welcome

3. Engagement Mapping Workshop

After having established key business objectives, challenges, data and existing programs, a workshop takes place to ideate using the lifecycle as the canvas identifying opportunities throughout for addressing the agreed-upon organizational goals.

Strategy Development Framework: Welcome

4. Priority Program & Matrix Development

All identified opportunities from the Engagement Mapping Workshop will be catalogued and prioritized based on anticipated return and ease of implementation. The top opportunities will be detailed in a deck and reviewed with the team.

Strategy Development Framework: Welcome


The Practical Strategy process is completed with a presentation delivered to all stakeholders along with all supporting documentation created throughout the process. These deliverables will effectively serve as the playbook through the initial programs and provide direction for prioritization and planning into the future.

Strategy Development Framework: Welcome
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