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This event blended data, creative marketing, technology & love.

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You Made It!

I’m so glad you’re here. I just finished tidying the place up, so come on in and make yourself at home. While you’re here, I’d be delighted to tell you a little bit about what I’ve been up to.

For 19+ years, I've been fortunate to gain experience from service provider, agency and client-side points of view, equipping me with a unique perspective. 

I currently lead the Strategy practice at Vigorate where I work with organizations to help them bring depth to the large breadth of marketing technology out there. Prior to joining Vigorate, for eight years I led the way in customer relationship management (CRM) at Mirvish Productions, Canada’s largest commercial theatre management and production company. There, sitting at the intersection of data, marketing, and technology, I’ve had the opportunity to influence customer behaviour through a blend of pricing strategies, one-to-one communications, and eCommerce user-experience optimizations with the goal of maximizing basket size and customer lifetime value.

I also once set up blind dates for 1,200 people resulting in at least one marriage.

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Aubrey Stork

Likes: Sad-sap singer-songwriter type music, sweater weather

Dislikes: Air guitar, being a passenger in the car

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Holt Renfrew
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