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360° Customer Experience

Using the customer life cycle as the canvas I developed a cohesive, connected strategy to align all activity to the organizational goal of maximizing revenue.

Email Marketing Efforts:

  • A comprehensive email strategy was developed to support the 3 main objectives: increase frequency, enhance the customer, experience, and to get to know the customer better

  • A deep dive into the data revealed the optimal frequency for deploying marketing-focused emails and informed the decision to change the content requirements for each communication

  • Life cycle programs were developed to maximize acquisition and retention efforts as well as to enhance the customer experience through things like pre and post-show emails, etc. Post-show emails also prompted attendees to rate the show they saw so further targeting (or suppression) could be done based on their taste. (see more)

Purchase Process:

  • In order to improve the customer experience and put the control into their hands, a fully customize ticket discovery process was put into place to help customers find  performances that meet their criteria (see more)

Dynamic Pricing:

  • In order to respond to the changing demand factors at play (i.e. time, date until the performance, performance availability, zone availability, weather, etc), true dynamic pricing was put in place in order to both maximize attendance and revenue (see more)

POS System:

A point of sale system was put in place across 4 theatres in order to:

  • Tie in-venue activity to online profiles

  • Create a unified experience for customers

  • Learn about show-goer companions (not just the ticket buyer)

Life Cycle Strategy
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